YASHICA-44     The history of the 4x4 twin-lens reflex which 127 film was used is old, and the Baby Rollei was on the market in 1931. Japan monopolized popularity in the middle of the twin-lens reflex boom at once when new model Rollei 4x4 which renewed it completely in 1957 was appeared on the market. It isn't comfortable with the body in big fiscal capacity when carrying. There was even a popular factor in a 4x4 TLR being in the capacity as much as a half, too.
    The Yashica-44 of the domestic production was put on the market to follow the rest early, too, and it became a popular domestic model in the next 1958 years. Except the logo mark, both YASHIKA-44 and Rollei 4x4 are very similar,it looks a copy of Rollei 4x4. Though it seems that a body could be chosen, the gray model of seven colors is the most popular, and appears in the secondhand market as well. Both view and taking lenses are Yashicor 60mm F3.5 and the shutters are Copal SV, B, 1 - 1/ 500 sec, with the MX contact point. Film loading doesn't match the auto-mat of Rollei, and it is the form which the first frame number is set on in the red window. It becomes automatic stop after the second frame.
    Weight is 780g. 12 sheets of 127 type film 4x4 seals are taken. Price in those days was 10,800 yen, an option case 1,000 yen in Japan.

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