WELTUR 6x4.5cm

A version with 16 exposures l on 120 film was introduced in 1933, intended as a competitor to the Super Ikonta A. It had a coupled range finder with one eyepiece, a type not usually found on the pre War folding camera.

Equipped lenses were Tessar f2.8, Trioplan f2.9, Xenar f2.8 and Radionar f2.9. Shutters were Compur 1-1/250sec or Compur Rapid 1-1/400sec.

There is a focus depth of field metal table on the top. The black body is uncommon on this camera.
A 6x9cm model Weltur 6x9 and double size model Weltur 6x6 6x4.5 were also manufacutured in the same period.

Weltur camera

Weltur 6x4.5cm Specifications
MakerWelta Kamera Werke Germany
Film120 brownie 6x4.5cm/16 Exp.
FocusingKnob on the bed
RangefinderDouble image
View FinderGalilei
LensRadionar 75mmF2.9 (3-Elements in 3-Group)
ShutterCompur T,B, 1 - 1/250 Sec.
Focus4 feet
Film supplyManual/Red Window

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