Wilca Automatic

High grade 16mm miniature wide angle camera

Wica Automatic    A 16mm wide angle camera by Wilca Kamerabau(West Germany) made in 1963. Lens is Wilcalux Filtra F2/16mm, short focal length for such 16mm cameras. Very few camera seems to be manufactured(less than 100). I have just a catalog of this camera, never seen never owned.
     According to the literature, the lens is uncommon 16mm F2, 6 element. These cameras normally have 20-25mm f2.8(F3.5), 4(3) element. its focal length is near the Minox lens(15mm F3.5). A six element is also very scarce for the 16mm camera lens. The lens has UV filter and its not necessary a hood because the glasses is deep in its position.
Wica Automatic Catalog      The shutter is Prontor, 1/25-1/250sec. minimum aperture is F22. Metrawatt, known for Leica Meter, selenium meter is coupled for shutter. Focus is fixed and gets 3.5 feet to infinity. The special cassette is used for film and takes 10x14mm 24 exposures.
     It has also functions of Synch terminal, double exposure prevention, self-cocking with lever wind and film counter zero return.(size 4 3/8" x 2 3/4" x 1 5/8", less than 16ozs.)

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