Wertur 6x6

camera photo Weltur 6x6 is a coupled range finder folder, waslaunched in 1936 - 40 made by Welta Kamerawerke, Germany.This model is also possible to take 6x4.5cm size by use of seting mask in the film chamber and to slide asmall mask in front of the view finder window. There are two red windows on the back for winding film of two sizes. The view sight of the finder is a bit narrowthan actual size of film exporsure. This model is rare in the market and there are few models with Tessar lens.The left photo is a model with Tessar f2.8 75mmwithout coating. Its a very good picture taker as far astaking shots by recent fine films. The focusing, a type of rack and pinion makes to move lens board itself, no front cell rotating, causes a fine focusing. It has a field depth table on the camera top as seen the other Weltafolding cameras.

A 6x4.5cm model Weltur 645 and 6x9cm model Weltur 6x9 were also manufacutured in the same period.

The specifications of Weltur 6x6
MakerWelta kamerawerke, Freital Germany
Film120 6x6cm 12 Exp, 6x4.5cm 16 Exp.
FocusingRotating knob beside bed
Range finderDouble images, one eyepiece combined with finder
View finderGalilei
LensTessar F2.8 75mm 4-ele 3-grp, minimum aperture F22
ShutterCompur, T,B, 1 - 1/250sec
Closed focus1.25 meters
Film windingRed window
Demensions125x90x42mm / 700g

A smaple photo
In coffee shop F4 1/50sec

sample photo

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