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Toyo Super Graphic Successor (photo)

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    Super Graphic is the last version of 4x5 camera that Graflex ever manufactured . It was completely changed to all-metal body from the hand-crafted wooden one that was traditional on the Pacemaker Speed Graphic and earlier cameras. The focal plane shutter was removed and a solenoid was provided inside the front standard to release the shutter. The range finder matched with cams for lenses from 90 to 360mm. The swing and down-tilt front were added to the movements. Also the rear of body was changed to the revolving Graflock Back. The same camera equipped with a "Graflex 1000" shutter instead of the 1/400 sec shutter was called as a Super Speed Graphic. A Flash Computer added on the top of the body which automatically pointed to the aperture value as a function of related flash guide numbers. It was very convenient for the flash operation. There were no automatic strobe lights at all in that time.

     Singer Graflex finally stopped all still camera production in 1973, after 83 years of production.The Super Graphic was next manufactured by Sakai Tokushu Camera Co. Ltd as a Toyo Super Graphic (photo) starting in in June 1979 and it continued to 1985. Differences in the Toyo camera were that all the screws used on the body were changed from "inch" to "millimeter" size and an accessory shoe was attached on the top of body. These are not many differences , it is a Super Graphic too. We are happy to say that we are able to get most of the parts of this camera from Toyo even now.

Super Graphic and Interchangeable Lenses
    To take a photo today by Super Graphic, it more better that we have a set of large format lenses like Tele, Wide, Soft or so on. There are many large format lenses in the world, but most are quite expensive.
     Yamasaki Optical Co. Ltd manufacture a full line of large format lenses named the CONGO series. The company has a seventy years old history. CONGO series all have fine specifications and reasonable prices. The company sels only direct to the user. It is possible to use even a 400mm Tele type lens on the 4x5 Graphic bodies because of the short flange back and compactness. Why not check them out?

     The Super Graphic has an unique function that is called flash exposure calclator. It automatically shows a proper F number when taking with the synchronous strobe or flash gun.

Super Graphic
Camera4x5" Range finder Camera
MakerGraflex Inc.
Film4x5 sheet film, Polaroid film etc.
FocusingKnob equipped with both side of the bed
Range finderDouble image
View FinderFrame Finder
LensEktar 127mm F4.7
ShutterGraphex shutter
Focus4 feet
Sale periodSuper Graphic 1958 - 1973
Super Speed Graphic 1961 - 1970
WeightPacemaker Speed 2.6Kg
Pacemaker Crown 2.4Kg
Super Graphic 2.4Kg

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Sample photo by Super Graphic
Angulon 90mm F6.8 f16 1/250 T-Max100(4x5)

sample photo

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