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    Speed Graphic Camera is an excellent American made hand-crafted wood camera. It was also well known as a Press Camera after the war.

    There were two models of Pacemaker.The Speed Graphic kept a traditional but newly designed focal plane shutter with a mechanism that was simple but able to get very accurate shutter speeds.The shutter table of the old cameras with 24 speeds was changed to 6 speeds in the modern camera.

a parts photo

    A compact model, the Crown Graphic without the traditional focal plane shutter appeared in 1947 while the Speed Graphic with more versatility carried on as before in the Pacemaker model.
Crown Graphic had a Graflock Back, which would become the International Standard as the 4x5" camera's rear back.
    In addition, the compact model 2x3 Century Graphic was introduced in 1949. It was a lightweight model with a body made of molded plastics keeping the same function as 2x3 Crown Graphic with a 2x3 Graflock back which would become World Standard for 6x9cm camera backs later. All models products of Graphics were changed to Graflock Back for standard from this year(1949).

Speed Graphic Synchro Terminal
    The Synchro Terminal was attached to the focal plane shutter plate. The Exchange cord for standard terminals is convenient for the use of various flash guns.

Speed Graphic and Interchangeable Lenses
    To take a photo today by Speed or Super Graphic, it more better that we have a set of large format lenses like Tele, Wide, Soft or so on. There are many large format lenses in the world, but most are quite expensive.
Yamasaki Optical Co. Ltd manufacture a full line of large format lenses named the
CONGO series. The company has a seventy years old history. CONGO series all have fine specifications and reasonable prices. The company sels only direct to the user. It is possible to use even a 400mm Tele type lens on the 4x5 Graphic bodies because of the short flange back and compactness. Why not check them out? You are also able to enjoy using old lenses by focal palne shutter.

4x5" Speed Graphic Specifications
Camera4x5" Range finder Camera
MakerGraflex Inc.
Film4x5 sheet film, Polaroid film etc.
FocusingKnob equipped with both side of the bed
Range finderDouble image
View FinderFrame Finder, Tubular Finder
LensEktar 127mm F4.7
ShutterGraphex shutter
Focus4 feet
Sale period2x3 Speed Graphic 1947 - 1958
2x3 Crown Graphic 1947 - 1958
2x3 Century Graphic 1949 - 1970
3x4 Speed Graphic 1947 - 1963
3x4 Crown Graphic 1947 - 1962
4x5 Speed Graphic 1947 - 1970
2x3 Crown Graphic 1947 - 1973
WeightPacemaker Speed 2.6Kg
Pacemaker Crown 2.4Kg
Super Graphic 2.4Kg

    The lens I usually use is Schneider Angulon 90mmF6.8 for a Range Finder shots for 4x5 Speed Graphic. It is wide angle for 4x5inch and normal angle for the 6x9cm shots. It is possible to change the unique interchangeable Cam in order to use of RF for various lenses. This is only for the latest 4x5 models, which was called "Top Range finder".
    I also enjoy VERITO 83/4" F4 with Top Range finder model, too. I am enjoying taking 6x9 shots, making an attachment of Patent Rolex film holder(6x9) for my 3x4 Speed, as the 3x4 sheet film is no longer supplied.

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Sample Photo 1 by Speed Graphic at Local Shrine F22 1/100 Angulon 90mm F6.8
Grafmatic Film Holder.

sample photo 1
The Grafmatic Film Holder printed the film counter, No 4.

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