Six-20 Cheap TLR

Argoflex-75 Kodak Duaflex Cicago Reflex 1
Argus INC, 1949-58
Kodak USA, 1947-60
Cicago Photak, 1949(?)
The first thing I noticed recently that there were many cheap Six-20 TLR in here while collecting old cameras for long time.
Same specifications among them are as following:
    They have,
  1. About 75mm single element lens
  2. About F11 aperture only
  3. Two speed shutter, Instant and Time
  4. Only posible to use 620 Film
  5. Syncho terminal for flash gun
  6. Double Exposure Prevention
  7. Reflect Finder
  8. Plastic Body
These are the minimum specifications of camera in orde to take photographs. It is able to take photographs even now if we had a 620 film. They take fine 6x6cm medium fomat.
Use outdoors with negative film which has a wide ratitude, and you will get a fine picture with very simple operations.

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