The Russian Ultra Wide lens fits the Old Leica

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In spite of the most lenses Russian made are said Zeiss copies. The PYCCAP "Russar" 20mm F5.6 is maybe the original made of Russia. There are two versions in color, black and white and very thin in size and light in weight about 70g. The mount is Leica L(screw mount) but doesn't couple to the range finder. A focusing is no problem without range finder as it gives very deep of the field depth.

A popular point of this lens is giving the minimum distortion and the light of for corners is not so much reduced. The aperture value f11 gives the most flat image on the film.

The elements configuration is symmetry type and focus is 0.5 meters, minimum aperture is f22. The angle of the field is over 92 degrees. There are 19 steps scale distance on the circumferences.

It takes a very good photo for the first product which has been made forty years ago. It sees that the lens continue manufacturing even now. The cost of bland new is around 35,000 yen in Tokyo. The view finder of this lens is about 18,000 yen and has an unique parallax compensation.

This like a Pan Cake lens attached to the old Leica looks very good in design. By KBNR

camera component image
Mr. Alexander Bronstein from Finland kindly sent us a detail circuit of objective PYCCAP, click here .

A Sample Photo by PYCCAP 20mm F5.6
Food Store T-MAX 400 f11 1/500sec
sample photo

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