To make(cut) the film for 127 cameras and 16mm films

I had to cut the current 120 film for sample works of 127 and 16mm cameras. Also there are many attractive cameras needed those film on the market.
The cutter I made was making use of junk 120 folding camera, no lens, and no longer functioning but could only be wound. I put a wood plate to the film chamber in the camera so as to fit in size tightly. Then I put a peace of blade of cutter-knife on it with proper portion of 44mm from the edge of wooden plate. That's all.

If you are going to make it, be care for film scratches. You have only to wind the film after loading 120 film into the cutter camera and you will get not only 127 size bare roll but also 16mm roll film of left of them. Keep your used Back-Paper of 127 films and spools all the time. Re-spooling should be in the dark bag.

The rest of film has just a 16mm in width. It gets two rolls of 25 exposures for Minolta 16 cameras when 24 exposures fillm is cut.

It is possible to cut for Minox or 16mm rolls from 135(35mm) film. As it requires much power for cutting, the sprocket wholes would be broken when film was advancing. It is beter to use when the film rewind mode. The wood plate should be into the 35mm camera in the dark bag after whole frame advanced completely, 36 frames were exposured with lens cap. Then cut by rewind knob.