Petri RF

Petri-Semi     The Kuribayashi Camera Works known by Petri camera had been made several folding cameras since the WII before. Petri Semi that a crown did the name of PETRI for the first time in 1948 was put on the market, which had an uncoupled Range Finder. It looks like a Roll OP of Puraubel Germany. It has a view finder which pop up in the center of the top with the slide knob. Double immages of RF apears after the view finder poped up because the light of double immages from the refrecter run through in the top housing. A distance value is indicated in the small window on the top, then it should be set to the front cell of lenses. An experience is necessary for the uncoupled RF camera because only the measurement of the distance is done and focusing the lens is sometimes forgotten. It has a tiny refrect finder, too, on the top, which is hard to see.
     The lens is Petri Anastigmat 7.5cm F3.5 in the blue coating, the shutter speeds are T, B, 1 - a 1/ 200 seconds, the sync terminal seems to lack interchangeability. Though it is in the shutter with PETRI, it is probably a early model of Carpel. The value of the aperchure is the affiliation of F4.5, 6.3, 9, 12, 18 in an old type.

Petri-RF     The right photo Petri RF was made in 1952 as a new design semi folder which had an uncoupled range finder. The lens is Oricon 75mmF3.5 coated and shutter is Carperu, B, 1-1/200sec.. The next model Petri RF120 made in 1955 had a coupled ranke finder, but it is very hard to look at in the market. The Petri Super in 1955 and Petri Super V in 1956 were the last Petri semi folder camera.

Petri RF Specifications
MakerKuribayashi Camera Works Japan
Film120 6x4.5 16 Exp.
FocusFront cell rotating
Range finderUncoupled, Double image
View FinderGalilei
LensOrikor 75mmF3.5 coated(3lement,3-Group)
ShutterCarperu B,1 - 1/200Sec. Synch Kodak terminal
Focus Range1 Meter
Film supplyRed windows
OthersAccessory shoe

A sample Photo by Petri
    Semi Petri Petri Anastigmat 7.5cm F3.5
     f6.3 1/100 Fuji Neopan SS     (Dec 2 2004)
Semi Petri sample photo
    Petri-RF Oricon 75mm F3.5
     f8 1/100 Fuji Reala     (Aug 25 1991)
Petri-RF sample photo

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