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The Konica PEARL IX ,the last model, appeared in 1958.
It was a little bigger than the model before it and it changed from sheet metal to die cast body.
Never before had any 6x4.5cm camera featured a bright frame finder and automatic stop for film winding. This camera was discontinued after a short life because many 35mm cameras were coming to market at this time.

Peral II B

Peral II was sold in 1952, which had a range finder for the first Pearl folder.
The right camera photo is Pearl IIB launched in 1955. The lens is Hexar 75mmF3.5 and the shutter is Dulux-S, B, 1-1/400sec. and has a standard synch terminal.

Pearl 2B

PEARL IIB, IV Specifications
MakerKonishi-roku Japan
Film120 6x4.5cm 16Exp.
Range finderDouble image
View FinderGalilei Bright frame
LensHexar 75mmF3.5(4-Element,3-Group)
ShutterSeikohsha MXL B,1 - 1/500Sec. X,F,M terminal
Dulux-S, B, 1-1/400sec. X terminal
Focus Range1 Meter
Film supplyAutomatic stop, red window(IIB)
OthersPrevent double Exp.

Sample Photo At Marine Park(Kobe) by Hexer 75mmF3.5 Pearl IV
F11 1/250 Fuji 100 Nega-Color
sample photo

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