Old Lens for 4x5 Camera
Junk Lenses, but my favorite,
for Speed Graphic

Century-Speed Graphic Interchangable Board

I made an interchangable Board between Cenchury and Speed Graphic many years ago. I have been using it for my Graphics. It is possible to use any lenses by puting them on 63mmx63mm plate just like a Cenchury Graphic lens board. Most below's pre War lenses are able to use for both Graphic cameras. They all are not coated. Enjoy your Speed Graphic!

Tessar 150mm F4.5

I got this lens as a paper weigh because it was almost junk cost. It was looking glass and aperture so nice after cleaning. Takes good photographs but only for Speed Graphic, no shutter. It is in a herical gear. Works only on Speed Graphic because of no shutter. Made by Carl Zeiss Jena Germany.

Kodak anastigmat 152mm F7.7

It has enough image circle of 4x5 inches size.

Kodak Single Meniscus 120mm F5.6

Soft focus lens for 4x5 inches.

Doppel Anastigmat 90mm F6.8

It is from 6x9cm folder and able to use as a 4x5 wide angle lens.

Zeiss Kodak Anastigmat F6.3

No focal length written on it but it seems to be 135mm. It has enough image circle of 4x5 inches.

Cook Anastigmat 75mm F6.3

It is a bit smaller for 4x5 image circle though, it is able to enjoy taking ultra wide angle for 4x5 inches. Works only on Speed Graphic because of no shutter. Sample

Ilex Seminat 6"(152mm) F3.5

It is in Ilex No3 shutter. Its scarce f3.5 lens for 4x5 cameras. The board is home made.

Netter Anastigmat 105mm F6.3

From 6x9cm folder. The shutter is Derval, B, T, 25-1/100sec., has 4x5 image circle. The board is home made.

Bausch and Lomb(B&L) Tessar F6.8

Its from 6x9cm folding camera, takes 4x5 format. The focal length seems to be 120mm. The shutter is Ilex, B, T,1-1/100sec.. You can enjoy the wide angle images for 4x5 inches. The board is home made.

Wollensak Verito 8 Inch F4

VERITO Diffused Focus lens, very famous pre War portrait lens. 8 3/4 Inch.

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