Nikon SP

Top grade RF, Nikon SP

Nikon SP illust Nikon SP
The Nikon SP was developed from Nikon S2, made in 1957 autumn. The Nikon S2 was released 3 month later since Leica M3, which had a function of Lever wind and 1:1 finder, and the clank rewind knob exceeded than M3. The Nikon SP was released in 1957, which had 50,85,105,135mm Bright frame with automatic parallax compensation, a SLR was not popular yet in this age. It has also an another finder beside for wide lenses., which was for 28mm one including 35mm frame. Later people hesitated which one they should have bought, Leica M3 or M2 though, the Nikon SP had fine finder designed for all interchangeable lenses.

About Illustration
This Nikon SP illustration was one of jpeg images written by Mr. Yasumasa Yanagisawa, he did them on PC by mouse. According to his book of camera essay, he made his father buy this Nikon SP in his school age and has hold it till today as an one owner camera.

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