Netter 515

The Most Simple Folding Camera

Nette/515 Zeiss Nettar was introduced in 1937 as an inexpensive folding camera against the Ikonta. It is a very compact camera for medium formater.
There were many kind of Nettar Cameras which were different in exposures size and films.
The Nettar 515 was able to take 16 exposures of 6x4.5cm on 120 films. We call them Semi Nettars sometimes in Japan. Attached Lens is uncoated Nettar Anastigmat 7.5cm F4.5, the minimum aperture is F32.

The shutter is KLIO which makes T,B,1 - 1/175sec. speeds with self timer. Focusing is by the front cell rotation with 1.2 meters for closest target.
It is such a simple camera that there will be few mechanical problems needing fixing. It is a real pleasure to use for long time.

There are some flare evident in the sample picture taken against the light.

Nettar 515/2
Neter/515/2 Nettar 515/2 is 6x9cm size folder.
The lens equiooed is Nettar Anastigmat 10.5cm F4.5 and the shutter is Compur B,1 - 1/250sec with optical view finder. The Netter(photo) the latest version, which was made in 1938.

Zeiss Ikon Nettar 515 515/2 Specifications
C.A.Nettar 515Nettar 515/2
Film120 Brownie 6x4.5cm/16 Exp.120 Brownie 6x9cm/8 Exp.
FocusingFront cell rotationFront cell rotation
View FinderElecting GalileiElecting Galilei
LensNettar Anastigmat 7.5cmF4.5
(3-Elements in 3-Group)
Nettar Anastigmat 10.5cmF4.5
(3-Elements in 3-Group)
ShutterKLIO T,B, 1 - 1/175 Sec. Self TimerCompur T,B, 1 - 1/250 Sec. Self Timer
Closed Focus1.2 meters1.5 meters
Film supplyManual/Red WindowManual/Red Window

A sample photo by Nettar 515(6x4.5cm) / "Hydrangea"
F8 1/50 Fuji-Neopan SS
sample photo

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