MIRANDA Sensoret, Sensorex

Miranda Sensorex Miranda Camera is wellknown as an unique SLR.
This Sensoret model was a Coupled Range Finder Model, launched in 1972, Sold till 1975. The lens is Soligor 38mm F2.8 and the Shutter is Electeonic Seiko ESF. The double image in the finder is so clear that it is easy to get a proper focus by manual.

Miranda Sensoret Specifications
MakerMiranda Camera CO.
Film135/ 35mm normal film
FocusDouble images RF
View FinderGallilei
LensSoligor 38mm F2.8 Coated
ShutterElecteonic Seiko ESF
With Hot shoe
Closed Focus0.91 Meters

Miranda Sensorex EE    MIRANDA SLR
   Talking about a Miranda SLR it is the popular camera which was here with the unique looks and penta-prism exchange-type design. An initial model is Miranda T known as the the penta-prism SLR 1955 made. It was made on the moment when the prime Leica M3 was started the year before.
   The Miranda Sensorex appeared Aug 1966, which had an unique method of TTL, which had a CdS on the back side of mirror with many slits.
   Miranda Sensorex EE was the product of the latter term when it is put on the market in March, 1972. It is the model which adopted the EE mechanism which automated an exposure. A standard installation lens was Auto Miranda EC 50mm F1.8, it had an own lens shade. A shutter speed is B,1-1/1000sec with self-timer. The range of the TTL meter scale inside the finder varies according to the installing lens. Peculiar penta-prism can be removed and installed easily. It has a Hot-Shoes at the top of the penta-prism.


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