It is very hard to get the film or film magazine even here in Japan.

First I did was that I looked for proper cylinder to fit the film winding wheel inside the chamber of Minolta 16. The cylinder finaly I've got was from the plastic 110 camera and needed some file work upon it. I cut the 35mm film to 16mm and put the naked film with cylinder into the camera using dark bag. It was successful and I got the sharp shot anyway. I could get two 28 exposures roll of 16mm film from 35mm's for 24 exporsures, three 25 exp. roll from 36 exp.

I tested several films, Kodak Plus-X(100), TRY-X(400), T-MAX(100) and Agfa APX(25). I think the Kodak T-MAX(100) is the best film for such a small size camera. Do you think I am crazy? I did want to know how sharp the lens was.