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Un-coupled Rangefinder version of Ikonta C takes 6x9 8 exposures for 120 Film. Very late version of Ikonta.

Super Ikonta C is famous for the Zeiss Ikon folder though, there were few Models emploied an Un-coupled Range Finder built individualy. To use it, you read a number first showed on the dial when the double images was overlaped in view finder, then you copy the bumber to the front lens which has same sequence numbers on the ring. This is useful of closed up focusing like flowers shot for sharp images.

Light camera for 6x9 folders.

camera photo

Ikonta C Specifications
MakerZeiss Ikon Germany
Film120 brownie 6x9cm/8 Exp.
FocusingFront cell rotate
Range FinderUn-coupled, Double image
View FinderGalilei
LensOpton or Carl Zeiss Tessar 105mm F3.5 (4-Elements in 3-Group)
ShutterSynchro Compur T, B, 1 - 1/500 Sec. with M,X
Closed Focus5 feet
Film supplyManual/Red Window

Sample Photo Ikonta C/ Opton Tessar 105mm F3.5 F11 1/250 Fuji Reala(Aug'92)
sample photo

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