The first 16mm TTL Camera


MEC16 SB, a 16mm camera which was launched in 1957. The lens is Rodenstock Heligon 1:2/22mm with diaphragm working on principle of "cat's pupil". The MEC 16 SB was designed by A.Armbruster. It is the first camera with built-in exposure meter, capable of measuring the light through the lens - so called TTL.
Though it is not a single lens reflex camera (which is not important at all), it has to get recognition for being the first camera having a serially integrated exposure meter (Gossen), capable of measuring light through its picture-taking lens, connected. (Maker: Feinwerke Technik Gmbh Germany)

The original MEC16 was equipped with Color-Ennit F2.8 20mm lens, produced in gold, red, silver, gray and black color body. Lens Color-Ennit is made by German optical factory Enna - with not to good reputation. It takes 14x10mm size, 24 exposures.

There was another MEC, MEC16 B with built-in selenium exposure meter - only small quantity was produced, more like prototypes.

A sample Photo by MEC16 Original model
Color Ennit 20mm F2.8 f11 1/250 Plus-X

Mec16 work

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