No.1A Folding Pocket Kodak

camera photo

Kodak vertical folding bed camera for 2 1/2 x4 1/4 inch exposures on 116 film. C.A.1905 - 1915. Wooden body leather covered.
The lens element is similar to VPK's Acromatic Single Meniscus, the focus is about 120mm F6.6 full open, but it is limited to F11 aperture by the plate with a hole in front of the lens element.
The shutter speeds are T,B and Instant(1/25sec). The aperture is scaled as No1 - 4. The No. 4 is aperture value of F45. The big reflecting finder is reversible.

It is known that the Meniscus lens of VPK can be used as a fine portrait lens. As this lens is very similar to VPK's(2-elements,1 group), I have tried it as a soft focus by attaching to Bronica S2. The flare of the image you see is as smooth as VPK's. It has to be possible to use it as a medium format portrait lens.
Elements Picture
The body has a folded size is about 19.5x10.5x4.5cm, 590g weight.

I haven't any clothes with a pocket I can put it in!

A sample Photo
Single Meniscus Lens 120mm F6.6(full open) 1/125 Tri-X
Attached to Bronica S2

sample photo

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