An Old Pan Film was there in Kodak Junior

Christian M. Senet, an internet friend of mine Germany, went to Ireland on his late summer vacation in September(1998). There he bought a Kodak Autographic Junior No.1A(6x9) with BAUSCH & LOMB Lens in good condition at an antique shop.

This is an interesting that there was still an old Kodak Pan film in the camera and he nicely has developed it. There came out the image of an Irish pony on it, sadly only this cut was a good photo on the film though.

Christian's Report is following:
Sadly there are some minor clues to date the year of exposure. As you can see below Photo, there are some features in the image:

  • An electricity mast (above the backside of the horse): This kind of electricity masts still exist in the Shannon area as I have seen.
  • One has to find out from which year the Irelanders have build such masts in the Shannon area- some buildings on the right side near the horizontal line.
  • And the film type is Kodak Pan Film Verichrome 120, The film spool is from Agfa made from metal and wood (no plastic at all).
  • I will write to the antiques shop in where I have bought the camera. Maybe the shop owner will be able to tell me some more details.

A camera photo

A Photo came out from the old Kodak Pan Verichrome 120
sample photo

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