No 1 Pocket Kodak Junior

The early version of Kodak folding camera,launched around 1920. There were so many models of KODAK folding cameras,manufactured which used Six-Twenty(620)films . It was possible to use 120 film only in models of the early version,which were No.1 Pocket KODAK series II and this model. The lens was a simple meniscus or KODAK F7.7 Anastigmat.
The KODAK Jr. of right photo was presented by Mr. Ed Romney who is a famous photographer and an author of the camera repair secret books. The camera had been retrofitted long ago with a very high grade lens and shutter, a Bausch and Lomb Tessar F6.3 in Ilex shutter. This camera is able to take excellent 6x9 shots on modern 120 films even today. The Ilex shutter is still healthy and it takes T,B,1 to 1/100 sec with ever ready release. Old lens catalogs of Bausch and Lomb, Goerz and Wollensak advertised premium lenses which could be retrofitted to common folding Kodaks.

camera photo

An Interesting Story

Sample Photo
Worshipper New year of 1998
by B<essar 2x3 F6.8 f11 1/100 T-Max100

sample photo
They go out on New years to pray at their Shrine or Temple on the New Years day, some goes out even at midnight of the Eve.

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