camera photo Kodak35 RF

A 35mm Camera made in USA, launched in 1940(-1951). The Retina as a famous 35mm Kodak Camera was made in Germany.
The lenses attached to this model were Kodak Anasitigmat Special 50mm F3.5 or Kodak Anaster 50mm F3.5, mounted in the Kodak Flashmatic shutter. The same #0 shutters of Century Graphic or another Kodak folding cameras were used to this 35mm camera. It can be fitted with an accessory body release. The focusing is by rotating gear connected to the front cell element. The body is made by plastic.

The model of photo has Kodak Anastar 50mm F3.5, made in 1950. The shutter is Flash Kodamatic and it has T,B,1/10 - 1/200sec with Kodak sync-terminal.
The weight is about 680g.

camera photo Kodak35

The right photo is Kodak35, has no range finder. parts photo
The pop up view finder on the top is Galilei type and has a large dial for parallax compensation, which can adjust from 4 feet to infinity. The lens is Kodak Anastigmat Special 50mm F3.5, made in 1946. The shutter is same as RF's Flash Kodamatic.
The weight is 545g, more compact than RF's because of no range finder.

Although the accessory shoe is on the body, it is hardly possible to attach the current strobe on it because the winding knob and view finder prevent to attach it. The peanuts flash gun which was populer on that age was able to attach to it.

The age discrimination of Kodak Lenses

The first two letters of lens number means for the age of lens manufactured as below table. The two digits(figures) corresponded to two letters by the table stands for the lower digit of the age(19xx).


i.e As the lens number of this Kodak Anastar 50mm F3.5 is RY 216675, We will see 50 corresponded to the RY by the table. The lens was manufactured in 1950.

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