Inos II

The Inos was produced 1930-1934, a folding camera made by Voigtlander in Germany. It seemed to be a model eliminating the rangefinder from the Prominent 6x9sm. But the Prominent might be developed from the design of this Inos. As it is able to take 6x9 and 6x4.5cm on 120 film, we can take photographs now with on modern rollfilm. A reflex finder mounted on the Rim set Compur used to be popular on the early 1920's folding cameras. There is an eye level finder on the body, too. It has accurate frames for both 6x9 and 6x4.5cm format.

The fine Skopar lens was popular for the Voigtlander cameras, though this lens was engraved "Voigtlander Anastigmat Skopar" on this camera. The shutter is a rim set Compur that gives T, B, 1 - 1/250 sec. and has a self timer. The weight is 670g. The focusing is from the body knob by eye measurement of distance. Such unique knob of focusing was continued in the Prominent 6x9cm and later models of Bessa or Bessa II described on other pages.

A sample photo by Inos II
Anastigmat Skopar 105mm F4.5 f8 1/100 Neopan SS

sample photo

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