The Most Famous Spring Camera

Super Ikonta C

     The "Super Ikonta C" is the most famous Spring(Folding) Camera in the world. It had been made till late 1950's by Zeiss Ikon Germany since 1934.

     A Spring camera is a kind of folder that has a self electing work of spring tension by pushing open button.

     Though a word of "Spring Camera" is called only in Japan now, it can be seen as a "Spring Kamera" in the pre war catalogue of Germany's cameras.

     The Super Ikonta series were called like 532(6x4.5cm),532/16(6x6cm) and 532/2(6x9cm) in Germany, also were called in United States as Ikonta A, B and C. There are different names for the Ikonta in Japan such as Super SIX for 6x6cm, Super-Semi Ikonta for 6x4.5cm and simply called Super Ikonta for 6x9cm format. They are also classified 1 to 5 in accordance with the age of making out.
Cail prism
     Super Ikonta had been made the first model since 1934 and the final model made in 1959. We can see only the minor changes on the Super Ikonta in these long period. The basic function was already made perfectly on the first model in 1934. The X,M Sinchro terminal were attached on the post war version.

     Wedge Prism coupled with front cell focusing lens takes accurate focusing and keeping in order even use of today.

Super Ikonta C Specifications
MakerZeiss Ikon Germany
Film120 Brownie 8 Exp.(6x9cm) or 16 Exp.(6x4.5cm)
LensCarl Zeiss TESSAR 105mm F3.5 Coating
Minimum Aperture F32
ShutterSynchro Compur B,1 - 1/500 Sec. M,X Contact
View FinderSelf electing Albada Frame
RangefinderWedge Prism
FocusingRotating a small wheel coupled with front cell
Film SupplyManual/Red Window, A function to prevent double Exp.

645 Frame     The Super Ikonta C is possible to take the 6x4.5cm semi frame by use of special frame into film chamber.

Sample Photo 1
Super Ikonta C Tessar 105mm F3.5 f11 1/100 Fuji Reala, Oct '89

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