Ultra Wide Lens for Large Format

Pre War ultra wide lens for large format camera. It is said that this wide lens was designed for Aerial Photography. We recognized it to be very low distortion, wide angle lens. It is well known that the Hypergon lens normally has a small air mill(spinning cogwheel, can partly open) over the top of front cell in order to get a uniformly exposed picture on the film.

This sample(photo) doesn't have such a cogwheel and has an aperture lever for exposure control of two stops F48 as full open and F96.

The 75mm Hypergon will cover 8x10. Why bother with it on 4x5. We have better and easier-to-use 75mm lenses for 4X5 photography. But what do we have to compare with 75mm on 8x10? That's the attraction of the Hypergon. And such images are very impressive. There is so much falloff w/o the fan, however, that the image would be nearly impossible to print. In use, the exposure is a 2-part exposure, with about 80% of the exposure being made with the fan in place in motion. The fan is then dropped out of the way and the image is exposed w/o the fan for the remaining 20% of the exposure. (Thanks Mr. James Schenken and Mr. Glenn Evans for the information).

Elements picture The Hypergon is ball-like form, each component consisting of a deep meniscus element.

Lens Photo

Sample photo taken by Hypergon 75mm.
All pictures were taken by 4x5 Polaroid Film.

No.1 Tokyo Ginza
Sample photo

No.2 Tokyo Station
No.3 Marion Bldg.
No.4 Old GHQ Head Quarter Bldg
No.5 Tokyo Stock Exchange Bldg.

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