Tele Graflex
4x5 Large format SLR

Tele Graflex(a Telescopic Revolving Back Auto Graflex) first appeared in 1912.The lens attached on the photo is a Wollensak Verito 8 1/4 inch f4 diffused focus lens. The back on this camera is a more recent GraflockBack in order to be able to use the recent 4x5 Back accessories.

It is hard to imagine a large format SLR because there is nothing like this kind of camera in the market ntoday. The principle of this early SLR is not much different from today's reflex camera.The first Graflex SLR was introduced in 1901.

Sample Photo by Tele Grafrex 4x5
Verito 8 1/4 Inch F4 f5.6 1/100 T-Max100
Used Grafmatic Film Holder sample photo

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