Midium, Large format SLR

Graflex camera Photo

This wood crafted SLR has been manufacturing from the beginning of this century. The Super D in 1948 was the last model of Graflex which had a long history since 1901, and continued till 1958.

The Photo is of the Series D Graflex. The standard lens of Series D Graflex is a Kodak Anastigmat F4.5, the lens board was removable, other special purpose lenses were used.The Revolving Back was utilised with roll film, cut film, packs, or plates. Twenty-five exposure speeds, up 1/1000 second, plus Time, are under accurate control with the Graflex focal plane shutter. And focusing is excellent with the hooded ground glass. The Series D Graflex was made in two models, 31/4 x41/4in and 4x5in.

Graflex Series B
Graflex Series B 2x3

Sample Photo at Temple
RB 21/4 x 31/4 Graflex(6x7Holder) F5.6 1/250

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