Folding Reflex
Newman Guadia Ltd (London)
C.A. 1921. 6.5x9 folding SLR camera.

camera photo

This company is also famous for the "Sybyl" folding camera. Lenses on this Reflex are Ross Xpres 5 1/4 inch F4.5, and interchangeable DALLON 10" F5.6 Telephoto lens.

The shutter is focal plane. It makes B, 1/10, 1/15, 1/20, 1/30, 1/50,1/100. 1/200, 1/400 and 1/800 sec. speeds. Revolving back is available and an original wooden roll film holder is supplied. This camera folds to very compact size, and weight is 1.5kg.

camera photo

Sample photo by 10" DALLON Telephoto Lens F8 1/250 T-Max100

sample photo
We have a small airport in Chofu City, Only small airplanes can
use it and stay there. This airplane is the biggest here.

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