Fruits Punch

In the beggining of Taisho age(1911-1925), a master of fruits shop in Nihonbashi (a famous place name of Tokyo) made a fruits salad named "Fruits Punch" with honey or else, which was mixed only a good portion of bananas and apples up, some parts were bit spoiling. This salad became soon popular, especially accepted by women and children. We have now this "Fruits Punch" in the menu of a fruits parlor in Japan.......(From a book "Aisareru-Vesutan" issued by Asahi-Sonorama)

We call a Fruits Punch as a combined camera, which was made by mixing up with parts of two or more cameras.
Though it is no matter that a combined camera was made by same model of two cameras, it is a Fruits Punch that a camera combined with different cameras or a camera its age was far different. It will distress a camera students of after ages with less documentations of classic cameras.

"I got a nice VPK, but it was a Fruits Punch.", we often hear these conversations here in Japan. A Kodak VPK was made over 1.8 million while Taisho age (1911 to 1925). There were many variations of VPK though, as the basic specifications were the same, it was easy to make a Fruits Punch after age.