Ensign Autorange 16-20

Autorange 16-20 A folding camera with coupled range finder for 6x4.5cm. A Coated fine Ross Xpres 75mm F3.5 lens was equipped.

There were many cameras named Ensign and this is one of very fine picture taker which had many fine functions such as albada frame, accessory shoe, high grade lens, double exposures protection.

A name of 16-20 means that it is a camera for 16 exposures on 120 film, same as the 820 is a one for 8 exposures on 120 film.
An unique double exposures privention is provided, which is that a small pin remains when you pushed the shutter button if you forgot a film winding. This pin picks you and you will have a very much pain on your finger, its too much function. Very painful camera it is.
A left window on the top of camera looks a one for light collection of bright frame though, this is a window for a corresponding to the cail prism on the front standard. You need a horn shape of cail prism to rise up 20 degrees angles when open the bed.

Ensign Autorange 16-20 Specifications
MakerHoughton London England
Film120 brownie 6x4.5cm / 16 Exp.
LensRoss Xpres 75mm F3.5
ShutterEpsilon B, 1-1/200sec X-synch
View FinderGalilei on Albada frame
FocusingFront cell rotation
Focus4 feet
Film supplyManual/Red Window

A sample photo by Autorange 16-20 / F8 1/50sec Fuji 100a (July '89)
sample photo

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