American TLR

CIRO Flex Model F 1940'TLR
Lens: Wollensak Anastigmat 85mm F3.5
Shutter: Rapax

American well made 6x6cm TLR, in 1940 made by CIRO Camera Inc.(Delaware, Ohio)B

There were few models A through F, not so much difference for the Spec. The View lens is Wollensak F3.2 and Velostigmat 85mm F3.5, Anastigmat 85mmF3.5 coated and Rapter 83mm F3.2 were for taking lenses. The shutter was Wollensak RAPAX.

This CIRO-Flex is a similar to German Rolleicode as well known, just different from the low-cost Six-20 TLR models. The Model F had a frenel lens in the focusing hood. The film winding is by knob with depth table and film counter is red window, not an automat like "Start mark" method. Closed focus is 3 feet.

It had a tripod hole beside the body in spite of 6x6cm camera, funny though. It must be for the Accessory. We can see the cam assembly for the TLR focusing inside the film chamber.

The weight is about 980g, Model-F with Wollensak Anasitigmat 85mm F3.5.

Sample Photo by CiroFlex
Wollensak Anastigmat 85mm F3.5 f8 1/100 Ektachrom(Jun'98)

sample photo

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