Old Kodak Meniscus Lenses

Camera Photo
Attached to Elmer 90mmF4 Helicoid

Camera Photo

VIOOH, Imarect

It is known that the Meniscus Lens of VPK would become a fine portrait lens when the front hood has removed. Some Meniscus Lens of Pocket Kodak cameras would also become a fine soft focus lens for the portrait. A lens should be an Achromatic Meniscus type like Two Elements-One Group configurations.

Elements Picture
It is able to use the helicoide of Leitz Elmar 9cm F4 as if it were a Leitz Thambar 90mm F2.2, if you could find a focus length of 90mm single Meniscus lens and put it on top of the helocoide instead of 90mm F4 lens elements.

The Lens of left photo on Leica III is a Meniscus 90mm F6.0 lens, maybe from No-x Pocket Kodak, interchangeable the head both Elmar 9cm and this Quasi-Thambar. Although the lens has rather a wide image circle for a 35mm cameras, it is able to use only an excellent part of center area, takes a fine granular pictures without any distortion. You could have most smooth images particularly when used at aperture below f8.

A view finder(photo) required for 90mm lens is making use of the Leitz Image-Erecting Universal Finder (Imarect, VIOOH, 1939-65).

Sample photo 1 by my Quasi-Thambar 90mm F6.0 with Leica III
Full open 1/30sec AGFA APX 25

Sample Photo

Sample photo 2
Sample photo 3

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