Bolsey C 35mmTLR

Bolsey Model C

Bolsey is one of the American 35mm compact camera. It is known that Dr. Bolsky who is famous for ALPAFREX designed Bolsey camera.

The Bolsey launched in 1947 was a normal compact 35mm range finder camera. The model C TLR was launched in 1950 on the base of model B. This 35mm TLR still kept a range finder of previous model.It is changed to be a 35mm TLR when pick the pint hood up. You can see a file image on the bottom of hood and look the focus with the loope provided in the hood.
The lens equipped with is Wollensak 44mm F3.2 Anastigmat and the same lens is equipped as view lens. The Synch is flashmatic and needs a special socket for the strobe unit or gun.The shutter is B, T, 1/10 - 1/200 sec. made by Wollensak.

Though there are few 35mm TLR, the Bolsey C is an unique TLR with range finder camera in the history.

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