Argus C44

A lens interchangeable 35mm RF camera made by ARGUS,INC.(Michigan & Chicago Illinois).

Argus C44 is the latest model of Argus C series, launched in 1956.
As it is possible to change the lenses, the behind reaf shutter is usded inside the body, which speeds are B, 1/8 - 1/300 with M,X Synch.
There were 6 interchangeable lenses and a Variable View Finder for Argus C44.

An American high grade 35mm System camera.

camera photo

Argus C44 Specifications
MakerARGUS,INC.(Michigan & Chicago Illinois)
C.A.1956 - 57
FocusingHellicoide by gear rotating
Range FinderOne eye, double images in Galilei
Lenses50mm F2.8 Coated Cintagon Min. Aperture F22
35mm F4.5 Coated Cintagon
35mm F4.5 Enna Lithagon
100mm F3.5 Coared Cintagon
100mm F4.5 Tele Enna Lithagon
135mm F3.5 Coated Cinter
Shutter1/8 - 1/300sec
M,X Synch, Hot shoe
Closed Focus3 feet
Weight660g with F2.8 50mm Lens

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